Our Grants and Investments

You can use this database to see information about a wide selection of our initial grants and investments.1 

We have committed over $160 million to date.2 The grants and investments in this database were sourced through our open call for applications or were recommended by Future Fund staff.


Last updated: September 1, 2022

Organization Name
Funding Type
Area of Interest
Date of Grant
Funding Stream
February 2022

Lightcone Infrastructure

We recommended a grant to support Lightcone’s ongoing projects including running the LessWrong forum, hosting conferences and events, and maintaining an office space for Effective Altruist organizations.


1. All grantees and investees were given an opportunity to review their listing and offer corrections before this list was published. Please email media@ftx.org to request edits. We sometimes do not publish grants because the grantee asks us not to or because we believe it would undermine our or the grantee’s work. We also do not necessarily publish all grants that are small, initial, or exploratory.

2. The Future Fund is a project of the FTX Foundation, a philanthropic collective. Grants and donations are made through various entities in our family of organizations, including FTX Philanthropy Inc., a nonprofit entity. Investment profits are reserved for philanthropic purposes.