Our Regrants

You can use this database to see information about a wide selection of the grants and investments recommended by our regrantors.1

Our hope is to empower a range of interesting, ambitious, and altruistic people to drive funding decisions through a rewarding, low-friction process. Thus far they have recommended grants and investments totaling over $50 million.2

We’re currently running a 6 month test of this model. We gave over 100 people access to discretionary budget and another group over 60 access to a streamlined grant recommendation form but no discretionary budget. Read more about our regranting program here.

The specific projects or organizations supported by these grants are not necessarily endorsed by the Future Fund. For regrants from discretionary pots, we screen for downsides, community effects, conflicts of interest, and similar, but are largely giving the regrantors autonomy. 

We are only publishing regrants above $25k. We had 172 regrants below $25k, totaling ~$1.8M. Many of these were stipends for summer research work, support to attend conferences, funding for talent development, or funding for writing or other media on impactful topics.


Last updated: September 1, 2022

Organization Name
Funding Type
Area of Interest
Date of Grant
Funding Stream
March 2022

Swift Centre for Applied Forecasting

This regrant will support the creation of the Swift Centre for Applied Forecasting, including salary for a director and a team of expert forecasters. They will forecast trends from Our World in Data charts, as well as other topics related to ensuring the long term future goes well, with a particular focus on explaining the “why” of forecast estimates.

June 2022

University of Toronto, Social Science Prediction Platform

This regrant will fund one year of operations for the Social Science Prediction Platform, a platform which allows economists and other social science academics to use forecasting in their research.

July 2022

Yan Zhang

This regrant will support a teaching buyout to allow Yan to focus on forecasting AGI scenarios, as well as research on beneficial alignment and deployment.

May 2022

Confido Institute

The Confido Institute is working on developing a user-friendly interactive app, Confido, for making forecasts and communicating beliefs and uncertainty within groups and organizations. They are also building interactive educational programs about forecasting and working with uncertainty based around this app.

May 2022

J. Peter Scoblic

This regrant will fund a nuclear risk expert to construct nuclear war-related forecasting questions and provide forecasts and explanations on key nuclear war questions.
May 2022


This regrant will support QURI to develop a programming language called "Squiggle" as a tool for probabilistic estimation. The hope is this will be a useful tool for forecasting and fermi estimates.


1. All grantees and investees were given an opportunity to review their listing and offer corrections before this list was published. Please email media@ftx.org to request edits. As with our direct grants and investments, we sometimes do not publish grants because the grantee asks us not to or because we believe it would undermine our or the grantee’s work. We also do not necessarily publish all grants that are small, initial, or exploratory.

2. The Future Fund is a project of the FTX Foundation, a philanthropic collective. Grants and donations are made through various entities in our family of organizations, including FTX Philanthropy Inc., a nonprofit entity. Investment profits are reserved for philanthropic purposes.